Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Manage Self-Signed Certificates

If you are using certificates for test purposes, you can use self-signed certificates. In deployment configurations, you might prefer to use trusted Certificate Authority (CA) certificates. You can also use the Directory Server Admin Console to perform this task.

  1. When you create the certificate database, a default self-signed certificate is automatically provided. If you want to use a self-signed certificate with non-default settings, use the msgcert add-selfsign-cert command. Example:

    msgcert add-selfsign-cert --name siroe --org comms --org-unit Messaging 
    --city SantaClara --state ca --country us MySelfSigned-Cert

    A self-signed certificate is valid for three months.

  2. When your self-signed certificate expires, renew the certificate with the command:

    msgcert renew-selfsign-cert cert_alias