Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Export and Import a CA-Signed Server Certificate

In some cases you might want to export a certificate so that you can later import the certificate, for example, to another host. You can also use the Directory Server Admin Console to perform this task.

  1. Export the certificate.

    msgcert export-cert [-o OUTPUT_FILE] CERT_ALIAS

    For example:

    $ ./msgcert export-cert -o /tmp/first-certificate "First Certificate"
    $./msgcert export-cert -o /tmp/first-server-certificate Server-Cert
    Choose the PKCS#12 file password:
    Confirm the PKCS#12 file password:
    $ls /tmp
  2. Import the certificate.

    $ msgcert import-cert  CERT_FILE

    For example, to import the certificate

    $ msgcert import-cert /tmp/first-server-certificate
    Enter the PKCS#12 file password: