Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

3.3 Installing Messaging Server High Availability—Overview

After selecting the appropriate HA model for your deployment, you'll want to choose between the Sun Cluster HA or the Veritas HA. This section provides preliminary HA deployment information. Subsequent sections will provide specific information on Sun Cluster and Veritas High Availability solutions.

3.3.1 Cluster Agent Installation

A cluster agent is a Messaging Server program that runs under the cluster framework.

The Sun Cluster Messaging Server agent (SUNWscims) is installed when you select Sun Cluster through the Java Enterprise System installer. The Veritas Cluster Messaging Server agent (SUNWmsgvc) can be found in the Messaging Server Product subdirectory on theSun Java Communications Suite CD, Solaris_sparc/Product/messaging_svr/Packages/SUNWmsgvc. (Note that you must use the pkgadd(1M) command to install the VCS cluster agent.)

3.3.2 Messaging Server and High Availability Notes

Some items of note regarding the Messaging Server and high availability (applies to both Veritas Cluster and Sun Cluster) installation:

3.3.3 Using the useconfig Utility

The useconfig utility allows you to share a single configuration between multiple nodes in an HA environment. This utility is not meant to upgrade or update an existing configuration.

For example, if you are upgrading your first node, you will install through the Communications Suite Installer and then configure Messaging Server. You will then failover to the second node where you will install the Messaging Server package through the Communications Suite Installer, but you will not have to run the Initial Runtime Configuration Program (configure) again. Instead, you can use the useconfig utility.

To enable the utility, run useconfig to point to your previous Messaging Server configuration:

msg-svr-base/sbin/useconfig install/configure_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS

where configure_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS is your previous configuration settings file.

On a brand new node, you can find the configure_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS in the msg-svr-base/data/setup directory on the shared disk.

The following sections on 3.5 Veritas Cluster Server Agent Installation and 3.4 Sun Cluster Installation describe when you can use the useconfig utility.