Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

19.2 Theory of Operations

MeterMaid's configuration is stored in msg.conf and is maintained by configutil.

MeterMaid is accessed from the MTA through a mapping table callout using It can be called from any of the *_ACCESS tables. When called from the PORT_ACCESS table, it can be used to check limits based on the IP address of the connection which will be the most common way to implement MeterMaid as a replacement for the older If called from other *_ACCESS tables, MeterMaid can also be used to establish limits on other data such as the envelope from or envelope to addresses as well as IP addresses.

Only one entry point in is defined. The throttle routine contacts MeterMaid providing two subsequent arguments separated by commas. The first is the name of the table against which the data will be checked, and the second is the data to be checked.

If the result from the probe is that the particular data being checked has exceeded its quota in that table, returns "success" so that the mapping engine will continue processing this entry. The remainder of the entry would then be used to handle this connection that has exceeded its quota.


  *|*|*|*|* $C$|INTERNAL_IP;$3|$Y$E
  *|*|*|*|* $C$:A$[/opt/SUNWmsgsr/lib/,throttle,tablename,$3]$N421$ \
Connection$ declined$ at$ this$ time$E
  *          $YEXTERNAL

Note the $:A flag test in the mapping table entry before the call to This is to ensure that we only do the MeterMaid probe when PORT_ACCESS is being checked by the dispatcher as it will set the A flag for its probe.