Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

9.5 Processing Multiple Different LDAP Attributes with the Same Semantics

The MTA now has the ability to process multiple different LDAP attributes with the same semantics. Note that this is not the same as processing of multiple values for the same attribute, which has always been supported. The handling attributes receive depends on the semantics of the attribute. The possible options are:

  1. Multiple different attributes don't make sense and render the user entry invalid. In Mail Server Version 6.2 and later this handling is the default for all attributes unless otherwise specified.

  2. If multiple different attribute are specified, one is chosen at random and used. LDAP_AUTOREPLY_SUBJECT, LDAP_AUTOREPLY_TEXT, and LDAP_AUTOREPLY_TEXT_INT all receive this handling in version 6.2 only; in 6.3 and later they receive the handling described in 17.4 Vacation Autoreply Attributes. 6.3 adds the LDAP_SPARE_3 and LDAP_PERSONAL_NAME attribute to this category. Note that this was how all attributes were handled prior to 6.2.

  3. Multiple different attributes do make sense and should all be acted on. This handling is currently in effect for LDAP_CAPTURE, LDAP_ALIAS_ADDRESSES, LDAP_EQUIVALENCE_ADDRESSES and LDAP_DETOURHOST_OPTIN. Note that LDAP_DETOURHOST_OPTIN attribute was first added to Version 6.3.