Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

18.3.5 IP_ACCESS Mapping Table

The IP_ACCESS Mapping Table can be used to do a last moment check on the IP address to which the MTA is about to connect; the connection attempt can then be aborted or redirected. This can be useful under certain special circumstances, for example, security concerns about a destination IP address to which should never be connected, or where it is wished to avoid connecting to known-to-be-bogus destination IP addresses (for example,, or where you wish to attempt to fail over to another destination IP address similar to a lastresort keyword effect (see Last Resort Host).

This access mapping is consulted during SMTP client operations just prior to attempting to open connections to a remote server. The mapping probe has the following format:


source-channel is the channel from which the message is being dequeued. address-count is the total number of IP addresses for the remote server. address-current is the index of the current IP address being tried. ip-current is the current IP address. hostname is the symbolic name of the remote server. The table below shows the flags for this table.

Table 18–4 IP_ACCESS Mapping Table Flags




Immediately reject the message with an "invalid host/domain error." Any supplied text will be logged as the reason for rejection but will not be included in the DSN. 


Skip the current IP without attempting to connect. 


Replace the current IP address with the mapping result.