Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Specify Sharing Attributes for Private Shared Folders

  1. Private shared folders are created by the user.

    Many mail clients support the creation of private shared folders. You can try this out onCommunications Express.

  2. Set the sharing parameters for private shared folders.

    The following configutil parameters are supported:

    store.privatesharedfolders.restrictanyone - If enabled (1), disallow regular users from setting the permission on private shared folders to anyone. Default: 0

    store.privatesharedfolders.restrictdomain - If enabled (1), disallow regular users sharing private folders to users outside of their domain. Default: 0

    store.privatesharedfolders.shareflags - If 0, flags cannot be shared across users. If 1, flags can be shared across users. Default: 0

    store.publicsharedfolders.user - Public shared folder owner's userid. Typically, this is simply public. Default: NULL (unset)