Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

4.4.3 Starting and Stopping a Messaging Server Running in MTA-only Mode

To start an MTA-only system, you should also start imsched. Before you do this, remove any scheduled jobs that are not appropriate to your installations.

imschedis an individual component of Messaging Server which must be started separately if you are not starting all of Messaging Server. If you start your MTA-only system using start-msg imtaor start-msg smtp, then you will not be running the imsched process.

To run messaging server in MTA mode only (no store/imap/pop/http processes), then you can either select the MTA to be only installed/configured during the configuration of messaging server after initial install (msg_base/sbin/configure) or manually disable the message store and mshttp process using the following configutil commands:

./configutil -o -v 0 
./configutil -o service.http.enable -v 0

Once you have disabled http and other store processes, you can then start messaging server by running the following:

# ./start-msg
bash-3.00# ./start-msg 
Connecting to watcher ... 
Launching watcher ... 4034 
Starting ens server ... 4035 
Starting sched server ... 4036 
Starting dispatcher server .... 4038 
Starting job_controller server .... 4042

Not that all the appropriate processes are started including imsched and imta. This way the customer doesn't have to remember to start the sched process.