Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide IMAP Events Become Slow

Symptom: After working fine for a short period of time, many IMAP events become unreasonably slow, with some events taking over a second.

Diagnosis: You have the Event Notification Service (ENS) plugin, libibiff, configured, but ENS is not running or not reachable. See Appendix B, Administering Event Notification Service in Messaging Server for ENS details.

Solution: If you want ENS notifications, make sure the ENS is enabled and configured correctly. If you do not want ENS notifications, make sure that libibiff is not being loaded. Typical bad configuration: = /opt/sun/comms/messaging/lib/libibiff
local.ens.enable = 0

Use either of the following for solution configurations: = 
local.ens.enable = 0

or = /opt/sun/comms/messaging/lib/libibiff
local.ens.enable = 1