Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference


The options for this command are:




Enables you to delete an option. Used with the -o option.

-f configfile

Enables you to specify a local configuration file other than the default. (This option uses information stored in the CONFIGROOT environment variable by default.)


Shows usage statement. 


Enables you to get help on options. Used with the -o option.

-i inputfile

Imports configurations from a file. Data in the file to be entered in option=value format with no spaces on either side of the pipe. The inputfile should be specified as an absolute path.



Lists meta data. 

-o option

Specifies the name of the configuration parameter that you wish to view or modify. May be used with the -H, -v, -d options. Configuration parameter names starting with the word local are stored in the local server configuration file.

-p pattern

Lists only options with the given pattern (* is wildcard). Example: configutil - p \*enable -H

If no wildcard is present in the pattern, a wildcard at the end of the pattern will be assumed (effectively changing pattern to pattern\*).

-v value

Specifies a value for a configuration parameter. To be used with -o option.


Enables you to validate the configuration against meta data. 

If you specify no command-line options, all configuration parameters are listed.