Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference


Monitors user access of the message store. imsconnutil can provide the following information:

This command requires root access by the system user, and you may set the configuration variables local.imap.enableuserlist, local.http.enableuserlist, local.enablelastaccess to 1.

Location: msg-svr-base/sbin


imsconnutil -c|-a [-s service] [-u uid] [-f filename] 

imsconnutil -k {-u uid | -f filename}


The options for this command are:




At least one of -c or -a, or -k must be used.


Last IMAP, POP, or http web mail client access (log in or log out) of user(s). -s does not affect the output of -a.


List IMAPusers currently connected. 


Disconnect users from IMAP and POP. Users logged on to Communications Express lose the underlying IMAP connection and, thus, are also disconnected.  

The -k option must be used with either the —u uid option to specify users to disconnect or the —f filename option to specify the users listed in filename.

Note that -k option may only work if IMAP IDLE is configured.

-s service

Can specify either imap or http as service to monitor. Only applies to -c option. POP is not available because POP users do not typically stay logged on.

-u uid

Specify a UID to monitor. If -u and -f are not listed, then all users are monitored. 

-f filename

File containing UIDs to monitor. Each UID must be on its own line. 


Returns version of this tool. 


Returns usage information. 


The following examples show imsconnutil and some various flags.

Lists every user ID currently logged into IMAP and http.

# imsconnutil -c

Lists last IMAP, POP, or Messenger Express access (log in or log out) of every user ID.

# imsconnutil -a 

Lists access history (last log off or log on) of all user IDs. Lists current user IDs logged into IMAP and http.

# imsconnutil -a -c

Lists IMAP users currently logged on the message store.

# imsconnutil -c -s imap

Reveals whether user ID George is logged onto IMAP or not.

# imsconnutil -c -s imap -u George

Reveals whether user ID George is currently logged onto IMAP or Messenger Express, and lists the last time George was logged o or off.

# imsconnutil -c -a -u George

Disconnects the user ID George.

# imsconnutil -k -u George