Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference


The options for this command are:




At least one of -c or -a, or -k must be used.


Last IMAP, POP, or http web mail client access (log in or log out) of user(s). -s does not affect the output of -a.


List IMAPusers currently connected. 


Disconnect users from IMAP and POP. Users logged on to Communications Express lose the underlying IMAP connection and, thus, are also disconnected.  

The -k option must be used with either the —u uid option to specify users to disconnect or the —f filename option to specify the users listed in filename.

Note that -k option may only work if IMAP IDLE is configured.

-s service

Can specify either imap or http as service to monitor. Only applies to -c option. POP is not available because POP users do not typically stay logged on.

-u uid

Specify a UID to monitor. If -u and -f are not listed, then all users are monitored. 

-f filename

File containing UIDs to monitor. Each UID must be on its own line. 


Returns version of this tool. 


Returns usage information.