Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference


The options for this utility are:



-c command

Executes command, which can be one of the following: 

create mailbox
delete mailbox
rename oldmailbox newmailbox [partition]
getacl mailbox
setacl mailbox userid rights
deleteacl mailbox userid

If one or more of the above variables are included, the option executes the given command with that input. For example, create lincoln creates a mailbox for the user lincoln. If the -f file option is used, the option executes the command on each variable listed in the file.

-f file

The file may contain one or more commands, or a list of mailboxes on which commands are to be executed.


Displays help for this command. 

-p port

Connects to the given port. The default is 143.

-s server

Connects to the given server. The default is localhost. The server can be either a host name or an IP address.

-u userid

Connects as userid.

-v verbosity

String containing options for printing various information. The options are as follows: 

E—Show errors 

I—Show informational messages 

P—Show prompts 

C—Show input commands 

c—Show protocol commands 

B—Show BAD or NO untagged responses 

O—Show other untagged responses 

b—Show BAD or NO completion results 

o—Show OK completion results 

A—Show all of the above 

The letters designating options can be entered in any order. The default is EPBibo.

-x passwd

Uses this password.