Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference

imsimta program

The imsimta program command is used to manipulate the program delivery options.

This command can be executed as root or mailsrv. mailsrv is the default user for Messaging Server, but could be whatever the specified user name for the Messaging Server is when Messaging Server is installed.

The program is passed the entire message, unparsed from stdin. This includes the From line (without the colon) as the first line, followed by the headers and the message body. This may include any MIME attachments that are part of the message.


imsimta program -a -m method -p program 
[-g argument_list] [-eexec_permission]
imsimta program -d -m method

imsimta program -c -m method -p program 
| -g argument_list | -e exec_permission


The options for this command are:




Add a method to the set of program delivery methods. This option cannot be used with the -d, -c, -l, or -u options.


Change the arguments to a program that has already been entered. 

-m method

Name given by the administrator to a particular method. This will be the name by which the method will be advertised to users. Method names must not contain spaces, tabs, or equal signs (=). The method name cannot be none or local. The method name is restricted to U.S. ASCII. This option is required with the -a, -d, -c, and -u options.

-p program

Actual name of the executable for a particular method. The executable should exist in the programs directory (msg-svr-base/data/site-programs) for the add to be successful. It can be a symbolic link to an executable in some other directory. This option is required with the -a option.

-g argument_list

Argument list to be used while executing the program. If this option is not specified during an add, no arguments will be used. Each argument must be separated by a space and the entire argument list must be given within double quotes. If the %s tag is used in the argument list, it will be substituted with the user's username for programs executed by the users and with username+programlabel for programs executed by inetmail. programlabel is a unique string to identify that program. This option can be used with the -a and -c options.

-e exec_permission

exec_permission can be user or postmaster. If it is specified as user, the program is executed as the user. By default, execute permission for all programs are set to postmaster. Programs with exec_permission set to user can be accessed by users with UNIX accounts only. This option can be used with the -a and -c options. The directory from where this program is run as postmaster is the postmaster’s home directory. If specified as user, then the user’s home directory is the environment where the program is run as the user.


Delete a method from the list of supported program delivery methods. This option cannot be used with the -a, -c, -l, or -u options.


Help for this command. 


List all methods. 


List all users using the method specified with the -m option.


To add a method procmail1 that executes the program procmail with the arguments -d username and executes as the user, enter the following:

imsimta program -a -m procmail1 -p procmail -g "-d %s" -e user