Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference


Generates a listing of queued message files. By default, the imta/queue directory tree is used as the source of queued message information; this default may be changed with the view sub-command. The -database and -directory_tree options may be used to override the default.

Available for both interactive and non-interactive modes.

directory [-held | -noheld]  [-database]  [-directory_tree]
  [-envelope]  [-owner=username] [-from=address] [-to=address]
  [-match=bool] [-file_info | -nofile_info] [-total | -nototal]

The options for this sub-command are:




Obtains message information from the Job Controller. 


Selects the on-disk directory tree as the source of message information. 


Generates a listing which also contains envelope address information. 

-total | -nototal

Generates size and count totals across all selected channels. 


Lists only those messages owned by a particular user. Messages enqueued by a local user will be owned by that user; most other messages will be owned by mailsrv. Use of the -owner option implies -database.

-from=address and -to=address and -match=bool

Lists only those messages with envelope From: or To: addresses matching the specified address. When both -from and -to are specified, a message is listed if either its envelope From: or To: addresses match the specified addresses. This corresponds to the -match=or option. Specify -match=and to list only messages matching both the specified From: and To: addresses. Use of -from or -to implies -envelope.

address can include a wild card (*) that matches a sequence of characters or a % character that matches a single character.

-held | -noheld

By default, active messages are listed. Specify -held to instead list messages which have been marked as held. Note that -held implies -directory_tree.

-file_info | -nofile_info

When the directory tree is scanned, each message file is accessed to determine its size as measured in units of blocks (normally 1024 bytes). To suppress this behavior and speed up generation of the listing, specify -nofile_info. When the queue cache database is used, the -nofile_info option is ignored as the size information is stored in the database.


Restricts the listing to one or more channels. If the channel-name parameter is omitted, a listing is made for all channels. The channel name parameter may contain the * and ? wildcard characters.