Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference


The Localization options allow for localization of text fields inserted into SMS messages. These options are described in Table 4–37. In constructing SMS messages, the SMS channel has a number of fixed text strings it places into those messages. These strings, for example, introduce the email’s From: address and Subject: header line. With the channel options described below, versions of these strings may be specified for different languages and a default language for the channel then specified. This section of the option file appears as follows:




Within each [language=x] block, the localization options relevant to that language may be specified. If a particular option is not specified within the block, then the global value for that option is used. A localization option specified outside of a [language=x] block sets the global value for that option.

For the options listed below, the string values must be specified using either the US-ASCII or UTF-8 character sets. Note that the US-ASCII character set is a special case of the UTF-8 character set.

Table 4–37 SMS Channel Options: Localization



CONTENT_PREFIX (String, 0-252 bytes)

Text string to place in the SMS message before the content of the email message itself. Default global value is the US-ASCII string “Msg:”.


Formatting string for delivery delay notifications 


Formatting string for delivery failure notifications 


Formatting string for relay notifications. 


Formatting string to successful delivery notifications. 

FROM_FORMAT (String, 0-252 bytes)

Text to display indicating the originator of the email message. The default global value is the US-ASCII string “$a” which substitutes in the originator’s email address.

FROM_NONE (String, 0-252 bytes)

Text to display when there is no originator address to display. The default global value is an empty string. 

Note that normally, this option is never used as sites typically reject email messages which lack any originator address. 

LANGUAGE (String, 0-40 bytes)

Language group from which to select text fields. If not specified, the language is derived from the host’s default locale specification. If the host’s locale specification is not available or corresponds to “C” then i-default is used. (i-default corresponds to “English text intended for an international audience.”) 

LINE_STOP (String, 0-252 bytes)

Text to place at the end of each line extracted from the email message. The default global value is the US-ASCII space character. 

NO_MESSAGE (String, 0-252 bytes)

Text to indicate that the message contains no content. The default global value is the US-ASCII string “[no message]”.

REPLY_PREFIX (String, 0-252 bytes)

Reserved for future use. The default global value is the US-ASCII string “Re: “.

SUBJECT_FORMAT (String, 0-252 bytes)

Formatting template to format the content of the Subject: header line for display in the SMS message. The global default value for this option is the US-ASCII string “($s)”.

See the SUBJECT_NONE option for a description of the handling when there is no Subject: header line or the content of that header line is an empty string.

SUBJECT_NONE (String, 0-252 bytes)

Text to display when no subject exists for the email message, or the Subject: header line’s value is an empty string. The default global value for this option is the empty string.