Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference

imsimta refresh

The imsimta refresh utility performs the following functions:

Essentially, imsimta refresh combines the function of imsimta cnbuild and imsimta restart.

Note –

You must be logged in as root to run imsimta refresh.

Note –

This command has been deprecated. On a production system, the imsimta refresh command should only be used as a last resort. This is because the command does far more than refresh the running MTA services. Specifically, it shuts down all running MTA services, builds a new compiled configuration from the inactive, human readable configuration files, and then restarts all the MTA services with the new compiled configuration. In shutting down the MTA services, all heuristic queuing information is lost (e.g., redelivery schedules). More often than not, the command imsimta restart with the specific MTA service which needs to be restarted (e.g., smtp, dispatcher, job_controller). When a configuration change has been made and an MTA service needs to pick up that change, then first use the imsimta cnbuild followed by the imsimta restartcommand

Also, strongly consider using the imsimta reloadcommand instead of the imsimta restartcommand.


imsimta refresh [job_controller | dispatcher]


The options for this command are:




Restarts the Job Controller. 


Restarts the MTA Service Dispatcher. 

If no component name is specified, all active components are restarted.