Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Event Notification Service Guide

ENS in Messaging Server

ENS and iBiff (the ENS publisher for Messaging Server, also referred to as the notification plug-in to Messaging Server) are bundled in Messaging Server and ENS is enabled. However, the iBiff plug-in file, libibiff, is not automatically loaded at installation.

To subscribe to notifications, you need to first perform the following two actions on the Messaging Server host:

See Appendix B, Administering Event Notification Service in Messaging Server, in Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide for further instructions.

A user who wants to subscribe to Messaging Server notifications needs to write a subscriber to the ENS API. To do so, the subscriber needs to know what the various Messaging Server notifications are. See Chapter 4, Messaging Server Specific Information for that information.

Messaging Server comes bundled with sample ENS C publisher and subscriber code. See Sample Code for more information.

Sample Messaging Server code is provided with the product in the following directory: