Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Event Notification Service Guide

WCAP appid parameter and X-Tokens

When ENS sends out notifications of modifications made to existing events, it returns two X-Tokens with the notification, X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE and X-NSCP-TRIGGERED-BY.

The contents of the X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE X-Token varies depending on who originated the event and the absence or presence of the appid parameter in the original WCAP command that requested the event.

If the appid parameter is present in the original WCAP command, ENS returns its value in the X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE X-Token.(Only certain commands take the appid parameter. See the Calendar Server Programmer’s Manual for further information on the appid parameter.) Using this mechanism, applications can “tag” ENS notifications in order to detect which ones it originated. The value of the appid command is a character string of the application’s choosing. If the appid parameter is missing, standard values are assigned to the X-Token depending on the origin, see Table 5–4 that follows for the standard values).

The X-Token, X-NSCP-TRIGGERED-BY holds the name (uid) of the organizer or attendee that triggered the notification regardless of the absence or presence of the appid parameter.

Table 5–4 shows the effect of the presence of the appid parameter in WCAP commands on the value of the X-Token X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE.

Table 5–4 Presence of appid and Value of X-Token X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE

appid Present?  

Value of X-Token X-NSCP-COMPONENT-SOURCE (with Request Origin)  


WCAP (default)


ADMIN (from Admin tools)


Value of appid