Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Event Notification Service Guide

ProcedureTo start tracing

  1. If ENS is running, stop enpd.

    To start and stop enpd, you must be in the bin directory.

    For example:

    • For Calendar Server on Unix, /opt/SUNWics/cal/bin.

    • For Calendar Server on Windows, C:\Program Files\Sun ONE Calendar Server\..\.cal\bin.

    Note –

    You can enable debugging for specific services by stopping only that service, for example stop csnotifyd, instead of the entire ENS server.

  2. Set all variables to the desired value.

    For Unix:

    • Bourne shell

      variable_name=value; export variable_name

      For example:

      GAP_DEBUG=2; export GAP_DEBUG

    • C shell

      setenv variable_name value

      For example:

      setenv GAP_DEBUG 2

    For Windows:

    set variable_name=value

    For example,

    set GAP_DEBUG=2

  3. If you want the traces to print to a log file, set the appropriate logfile variables (for END_LOGFILE, or GAP_LOGFILE) or temporarily redefine standard out to a text file.

  4. Restart ENS– start enpd

    If you only disabled one service rather than the whole ENS server, you start that service only, for example start csnotifyd.