Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Customization Guide

Themes for a Specific Domain and Locale

You can configure themes on a per-domain basis.

Note –

Currently Communications Express does not support customization of themes on a per-user basis

ProcedureTo Customize a Theme for a Specific Domain

To configure a theme for a specific domain, for example, and a locale ja and fr, you need to do the following.

  1. Create a directory with the name same as the domain name in <domain-dir> directory. For example, create <domain-dir>/ directory

  2. Copy file from <domain-dir> to the <domain-dir>/ directory.

  3. Modify the parameter uwc-user-attr-SunUCTheme to the required theme name in file in <domain-dir>/ directory.

    For example, to configure a theme “christmas“add the parameter uwc-user-attr-SunUCTheme-<locale-name>=christmas, where <locale-name> is the name of the locale for which you want the theme. For example: uwc-user-attr-SunUCTheme-en=christmas would correspond to the English locale. To configure a theme called “christmasJA” for Japanese locale, set uwc-user-attr-SunUCTheme-ja=christmasJA. To configure a theme called “christmasFR” for french locale, set uwc-user-attr-SunUCTheme-fr=christmasFR. The parameter “uwc-user-attr-SunUCTheme” is used for default locale. It is important that though the theme name could be anything, the property name should end with corresponding locale as mentioned in the example.

  4. Create the directories <skin-dir>/christmasJA, <skin-dir>/christmasFR and <skin-dir>/christmas.

  5. Copy from <skin-dir>/ to <skin-dir>/christmasJA, <skin-dir>/christmasFR and <skin-dir>/christmas.

  6. Edit the corresponding file to point to the customized style sheets and images.

  7. Restart the web container on which Communications Express is deployed to apply changes.