Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Customization Guide

ProcedureTo Create a new Theme

The <skin-dir> directory contains subdirectories, which correspond to each skin defined for Communications Express. For example, to create a skin called “christmas” create a “christmas” directory under the <skin-dir> directory and perform the following steps:

  1. Copy under <skin-dir> directory to <skin-dir>/christmas. file that defines the various parameters of this theme.

  2. Change the locations in to point to the customized style sheets and images.

  3. For help on various parameters in this file, refer to Appendix D of the Communications Express Administration Guide. Look for “ ” under the “Configuration Parameters Reference” section.

  4. To configure the christmas theme, go to <domain-dir> and add the parameter uwc-user-attr-SunUCTheme-<locale-name>=christmas in the file. Here, <locale-name> is the name of the locale on which you want to set the theme .

  5. Restart the web server to apply the changes.