Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Customization Guide

ProcedureTo Enable Character Encoding

  1. Change directory to <uwc-deployed-path>/webmail/ directory.

  2. Edit main.js and uncomment the following line:

    //var srcchars = new Array('standard','iso-8859-6','windows-1256',

    You can also add or remove character encoding that you want to support in the Array data type. For example:

    var srcchars = new Array('standard','iso-8859-6','windows-1256','big5','gb2312',
  3. Restart the web container on which Communications Express is deployed for these changes to take effect.

    Note –

    Users need to clear the browser cache so that the latest modifications made to the main.js file are picked up from the server instead of the browser's cache.

Enabling Character Encoding in a Multi-tier Deployment

For multi-tier deployments, these steps should be performed in the front end directory (<uwc-deployed-path>/webmail/) of the Communications Express installation.