Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

Before You Run the Directory Preparation Tool

This section covers information you need to understand before running the Directory Preparation Tool, and contains the following topics:

What the Directory Preparation Tool Does

The Directory Preparation Tool proceeds through three steps, as follows:

  1. Collects your choices for utility options.

    For a list of the specific information this step requests, see Information You Need to Gather Before you Run the Directory Preparation Tool.

  2. Generates a shell script and LDIF file from your options choices that will be used to modify the LDAP directory.

    If you are not using a Sun product for your directory server, or have customized your Directory Server, stop the process here without running the shell script. For further information, see Directory Server Considerations for the Directory Preparation Tool that follows.

  3. Runs the shell script created from your options choices. Your directory is modified accordingly.

    At the end of each step, the utility asks you if you want to continue. No changes are made to the LDAP directory until the third step.

Directory Server Considerations for the Directory Preparation Tool

The following is a list of the considerations for your LDAP directory:

Information You Need to Gather Before you Run the Directory Preparation Tool

During the first step of the Directory Preparation Tool, it requests information about your Directory Server. Prepare for this by gathering the information shown in the following table. (To help you keep track of this information, use Directory Server Installation Worksheet.)

Information Item Needed 

Default Value 

Directory Server root path name 


Which instance of Directory Server to use? (If more than one.) 


Directory Manager Distinguished Name (DN) 


Directory Manager's Password 


Directory Server being used for user/group data? (yes), or configuration data only? (no) 


User and group root suffix (if yes to previous question) 


Schema version? (pick one of the following)  

1 Schema 1

1.5 Schema 2 Compatibility Mode

2 Schema 2 Native Mode

[For more information on how to choose a schema, see About the Directory Preparation Tool Schema Choices. If you have one version of the schema installed and want to upgrade to a higher level, refer to the Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guidebefore running this utility. ]


Root suffix (if using Schema 1 or Schema 2 Compatibility Mode) [If you choose Schema 1 or 1.5, you will need a DC tree. If the DC tree does not yet exist, the Directory Preparation Tool creates only the root suffix node, its does not create the rest of the DC tree. You must create the rest of your DC tree yourself.]


Update schema? [If this Directory Server is being used for user/group data, you must have a config directory containing the schema files.]


Add Directory Server indexes? [If you answer yes, the Directory Preparation Tool does the indexing for Messaging Server and Calendar Server, even if you are not using both of them.]


About the Directory Preparation Tool Schema Choices

Communications Suite servers support the following schema choices:

If you are still trying to decide which schema to use, for further explanation, see Understanding Schema Choices in Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide, and the Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide.

Access Manager Considerations

If you are using Schema 2, Access Manager must be installed and configured.

Note –

Do not use the Access Manager console to administer users. Use Delegated Administrator for administering Messaging and Calendar users.

Attribute Indexes Created by the Directory Preparation Tool

Attribute indexes improve the performance of search algorithms. The tool offers to index attributes. If you choose to do so, it will add indexes for the all the Communications Suite products. Therefore, once you have run the indexing for one product, you do not need to reindex for other products. If you try to index the same attributes again, nothing happens. The tool calls db2index for each attribute being indexed, but only if the index does not already exist.

The following table lists all the attributes the Directory Preparation Tool indexes, grouped by suffix category. It also lists the type of indexes created for each attribute. For more information about Directory Server indexing, see


Attributes Indexed 

Type of Indexes Added 



pres, eq, approx, sub


pres, eq, approx, sub


pres, eq, approx, sub






User/Group (for Access Manager – Schema 2)


pres, eq


pres, eq


pres, eq


pres, eq


pres, eq


DC Tree (for Schema 1)


pres, eq


pres, eq


Personal Address Book (PAB)


pres, eq


pres, eq






pres, eq, approx, sub


pres, eq, approx, sub




pres, eq, sub





Should you decide to add further indexes on your own, instructions for adding indexes can be found in the Directory Server documentation.