Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

Making an Installation Image

The Communications Suite distribution is designed so that you can put the installation files in a shared location. The benefit of this is that the installation files can then be run from this shared location as often as needed.

ProcedureTo Create an Image on Your Network

This section provides instructions for making a Solaris SPARC installation image available on your site network.

  1. Log in as root or become superuser.

  2. Create a shared directory on your network. For example:

    mkdir shared-location/comms5
  3. Access your installation files from the web site, the CD, or the DVD, then prepare the installation files to be shared.

    Note –

    Installation cannot be done directly from a mounted ISO image. Instead, the image must be copied onto your network.

    1. Create an installation image from the mounted ISO image. For example:

      lofiadm -a pathname/image.iso /dev/lofi/1

      If /dev/lofi/1 is already in use, refer to the lofiadm (1M) man page.

      mkdir mountpoint
      mount -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 mountpoint
      cd mountpoint
      find . -print | cpio -pdum shared-location/comms5

      After copying is done, unmount the ISO image:

      umount mountpoint
      lofiadm -d /dev/lofi/l

      Repeat this step for the remaining ISO images.

    2. Create an installation image from the CD or DVD. For example:

      cd /cdrom/cdrom0
      find . -print | cpio -pdum shared-location/comms5

      Repeat this step for the remaining CDs.

    3. Create an installation image from the compressed archive.

      For example:

      cd shared-location/comms5
      unzip pathname/

      Repeat this step for the remaining compressed archive files.

    Note –

    If you copy files for multiple platforms to the shared location, you will receive a query similar to the following in relation to the README file and the COPYRIGHT file:

    File already exists. OK to overwrite?

    Type Yes. These files are identical for all platforms.