Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Specify Installation Directories and Initiate the System Check

  1. Accept the default installation locations for the selected product components, or replace the default locations and press Return.

    A default installation directory is displayed for each selected product component. For example, on Solaris:

    Installation Directories
    Enter the name of the target installation directory for each product:
    Directory Server [/opt/SUNWdsee]  {"<" goes back, "!" exits}
    Directory Preparation Tool [/opt/SUNWcomds]  {"<" goes back, "!" exits}
    Web Server [/opt/SUNWwbsvr7]  {"<" goes back, "!" exits}
    Web Server Instance [/var/opt/SUNWwbsvr7]  {"<" goes back, "!" exits}
  2. Review any issues discovered by the system check.

    After the installation directories are chosen, the installer automatically initiates a check for disk space, memory, swap space, operating system patches, and operating system resources based on the components you selected. The left column of the following table lists the possible results of the system check. The right column specifies what action you should take for each situation

    Message Displayed 

    Your Action 

    System ready for installation

    Proceed with installation. 

    System ready for installation

    Includes a warning that memory or swap space is not at the recommended level. 

    Proceed with installation, but add memory or swap space when installation is complete. If you do not add memory or swap space, performance might be seriously affected. 

    System not ready for installation

    If any patches are missing, the patch numbers are displayed. If you can fix the reported problems without stopping the installer, do so and then click Proceed with installation. 

    For some issues, such as low memory, you can proceed with installation, but for others, such as missing patches, you must resolve the issue before the installer can proceed.

    Solaris 10. If the installer is running in a non-global zone, you will receive a message telling you that memory information is not available.

  3. Install any missing operating system patches.

    You will need to install missing patches before you can proceed with installation. For guidelines, refer to To Install a Patch.

  4. After the system is ready for installation, press Return to continue.

    You are queried about what type of configuration you want for the installation and asked to provide global settings.