Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

Access Manager Post-uninstallation Issues

If you uninstall Access Manager but not its web container (Application Server or Web Server), you need to apply configuration changes to the instance where Access Manager was deployed.

In some cases the uninstaller might not be able to remove some or all of the Access Manager files. In this case, do a final cleanup by removing these two directories and their contents:

or, if Access Manager was not installed in the default location:


If you uninstall Access Manager but not the Application Server in which it is deployed, you must complete the following procedure.

ProcedureTo Finish Access Manager Uninstallation

  1. If necessary, start the Application Server admin instance. For example, on a Solaris host:

    cd /opt/SUNWappserver/appserver/bin./asadmin start-domain --user admin_user --passwordfile path_to_admin-password_file domainname

  2. In a browser, go to the Application Server administration console. The default URL is https://hostname:4849 .

  3. In the left pane, click the key to the left of Application Server Instances.

  4. Select the server or the name of the Application Server instance on which Access Manager was deployed.

  5. Click Apply Changes.