Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Monitor the Progress of a Silent Uninstallation

  1. In a terminal window, navigate to the log file directory:

    Solaris OS: /var/sadm/install/logs

    Linux: /var/opt/sun/install/logs

  2. Locate the log files for the current uninstallation. The log file of interest for monitoring purposes is:


    The timestamp variable represents the time the log was created. The variable has the following format MMddhhmm, where:


    Specifies the month 


    Specifies the date 


    Specifies the hour 


    Specifies the minute 

  3. Use the tail command to watch messages as they are written to the logs. For example:

    tail -f logfile_name

    To exit the tail program, press Ctrl+C.