Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

Sun Cluster Postinstallation Configuration

Sun Cluster software provides a high availability platform for managing applications such as databases, application servers and web servers. Before you install or configure Sun Cluster software, ensure that the combination of hardware and software that you choose for your cluster is currently a supported Sun Cluster configuration.

Sun Cluster software can be used to manage the following Communications Suite product components:

If the product components you installed will be included in a Sun Cluster environment, you must first configure the Sun Cluster framework before configuring the product components, then configure the Communications Suite product components you have selected. Finally, depending on the product components installed, you might need to configure Sun Cluster data services.

Phase I. Sun Cluster Framework

The installer performs a simple pkgadd installation of the core Sun Cluster packages and sets up the /usr/cluster/bin directory. No configuration is done during installation, so your first postinstallation task is to configure the cluster framework as described in the Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS.

During this phase, the scinstall utility verifies the Sun Cluster packages. If packages are missing, an error message is displayed. If this happens, you must verify that the correct Sun Cluster packages were installed. Refer to Chapter 5, List of Installable Packages, in Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Reference for UNIX.

Phase II. Product Component Data Services

After you have installed and configured the Sun Cluster framework and the other Communications Suite components, you are ready to configure the Sun Cluster data services using the Sun Cluster agents software.

Note –

To configure Sun Cluster data services, you must have chosen the associated Sun Cluster agents during installation. To see an example Sun Cluster installation sequence, refer to Sun Cluster Software Example.

For guidelines on configuring the Sun Cluster data services, refer to Sun Cluster Data Services Configuration.