Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

Using the Single Host Deployment Example

This evaluation assumes that you have installed all of the Communications Suite software on a single host as outlined in the document Deployment Example: Sun Java Communications Suite 5 on a Single Host.

Follow the instructions in the deployment example before continuing with this document.

The single host deployment example was installed using the following data. If appropriate, substitute the host name that you used in place of

Table 2–1 Single Host Deployment Example Data




Host name


Communications Express URL


Instant Messaging URL


Delegated Administrator URL


Top-level administrator ID 


Used for logging into Access Manager and Delegated Administrator. 

Administrative password 


For all administrative users except amldapuser.

amldapuser password



User accounts 

duncan, kathy, tina, robert, test


User password 


For all accounts. 

User creation 


See Creating User Accounts for This Evaluation for more information.


Web/AddressBook/UWC: 80 (new UI)

Webmail: 8080 (legacy UI)

Webcal: 3080 (legacy UI)

LDAP: 389

SMTP: 25


User Base DN 



Organization DN,o=isp

Used for Connector for Microsoft Outlook. 

Note –

You should be able to use this guide with any system that has the Communications Suite software installed. However, the names, paths, passwords, and so forth mentioned in this guide might differ from the data you use.