Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Create Sample Instant Messaging Data

In this procedure, you start Instant Messenger, and create the buddy lists for each of the four users in the demo. The Instant Messenger channel will recognize that other users are logged in and will present the status of online buddies as the main user logs in.

To start Instant Messenger as users duncan, robert, and kathy, you can use a multi-protocol client such as Gaim as well as Sun's Instant Messenger client. If you have problems logging into Instant Messaging by using Java Web Start, check for problems with certificate signing. If so, try Java Web Start minimum 1.4.2. Using Gaim is not essential, however, by using Gaim, you view the interoperability of the Instant Messaging solution.

Before You Begin

See To Configure Gaim for This Evaluation for instructions on downloading and installing Gaim, and for configuring a Gaim user account.

  1. Using the Gaim client, log in to Instant Messaging as user robert with the password demo.

  2. Start a web browser and type the following URL for Instant Messenger:


    For example,

  3. To load the Instant Messaging resources, click Start and log in as kathy with the password demo.

    Click any subsequent approval buttons to start the Instant Messaging client.

  4. Once Kathy's client has been started, click the Start button again and log in as user duncan with the password demo.

    Do not start Instant Messenger for Tina yet.

  5. In Duncan's main Instant Messaging window, click the Add Contacts icon (represented by a person's head).

  6. Type the first name of the contact you want to add (Robert) in the name field then click Find Contact.

    Robert's name appears in the Contacts to Add text area.

  7. Type another name, say Kathy, and click Find Contact to add this name to the Contacts to Add area.

  8. Click OK to add these contacts to Duncan's buddy list.

    Several approval dialog boxes appear.

    Tip –

    One of the features of Sun Java System Instant Messaging is Contact List Authorization. In this way, no one can see a given user's presence without the user's authorization. By default, contact list authorization is turned on, but users can turn it off to give others the ability to view their presence without authorization.

  9. Accept all contact list authorization requests.

  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 to create contact lists for Robert and Kathy.

    If Gaim does not display the current status of online buddies or shows a "Not Authorized" icon, you might need to restart Gaim for presence status updates to occur.

  11. Log off Duncan only from Instant Messaging.

    Keep Robert and Kathy logged in.

  12. Make sure that some users are logged into Instant Messaging.

    Begin exploring Sun Java Communications Suite, as explained in Chapter 3, Communications Suite Walkthrough.