Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

The Communications Express Demo

This section describes how to use the Communications Express UI to compose mail, create calendar events, and use the address book.

ProcedureTo Forward a Message and Schedule a Meeting

The following scenario highlights the integration between mail, calendar, and address book: Duncan, upon starting Communications Express, views his inbox and sees an urgent email with a document that he must review. He forwards this message to his team for review and suggests a follow-up calendar appointment to discuss the document.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you are logged in as user duncan as explained in Launch Communications Express.

  1. Click the email message with the subject URGENT: Please Review.

    This urgent message must be forwarded to Duncan's team for review.

  2. Click the Forward button.

    The New Message window appears. Integration with Address Book is provided in the New Message window.

  3. Click the To icon (represented by a rolodex) to view Duncan's personal address book and select recipients.

    The Add From Address Book window appears. Duncan can search members of his Personal Address Book or the Corporate Directory. This demo uses the Personal Address Book.

  4. Select the To check box for Tina and Kathy to forward to them the mail Duncan received. Then click Add Recipients.

    The names of Tina and Kathy are filled in the To line in the New Message window.

  5. Compose a message and select the priority as Urgent from the Priority drop-down menu.

    Also click the Spell Check link at the top of the window to perform an automatic spell check.

    Compose the message in plain text or rich text.

  6. Click Send when you are done composing Duncan's message.

  7. To schedule a follow-up meeting with Duncan's team, click the Calendar tab in Communications Express.

    The Calendar view appears.

    In general, you see the day view. If any group scheduling events exist for the day, a color code is assigned to the appointment indicating how many invitees have accepted or declined the invitation.

  8. Click the Week view to see appointments for the week.

  9. Click any of the + icons for the following work day to schedule an appointment.

    A New Event window appears.

  10. In the Invitee field, click Add from Address Book to add Tina, Kathy, and Duncan.

    Select the check box next to their names and click Add Invitees. You can also type RoomA in the Invitee field because Calendar Server can be used to schedule resources as well. Be sure to click Add to add the RoomA resource.

  11. Click Check Availability.

    A Check Availability window appears showing the entire free busy for the group.

  12. Select a free time by clicking the + icon above the time that is free.

  13. Click Close to close the Check Availability window.

  14. Continue filling in the New Event template.

    You can modify the event type or category, the location, the frequency, or other attributes. Be sure to include the Title, in this case, Emergency Meeting.

  15. Click Save to schedule the event in the calendar.

    The New Event window closes, and the event appears on the calendar.

    You have used the Communications Express interface to use the address book, send mail, and schedule a calendar resource.

  16. Continue with the next demo.