Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Archive Chat Sessions

The Sun Java Communications Suite provides the following two ways to archive chat sessions:

By default, the single host deployment example, on which this evaluation guide is based, uses the Message Store to archive chat sessions. By viewing Duncan's inbox, you can see that he has several messages that contain the chat conversations he had with Kathy and others.

The single host deployment example, on which this evaluation guide is based, does not include the Portal Server as an installation component. To change the archive store from the Message Store to the Portal Server search database requires that the Portal Server first be installed. Installation of the Portal Server is beyond the scope of this evaluation. However, if you install the Portal Server, you can change the archive store to the Portal Server search database to archive chat sessions by doing the following:

  1. Edit the /etc/opt/SUNWiim/default/config/iim.conf file and set the following parameter:

    iim_server.msg_archive.provider = ""
  2. Restart the Instant Messaging server.

    /opt/SUNWiim/sbin/imadmin refresh
  3. Perform a poll, or a chat, to generate some Instant Messaging data. For performing poll or chat, see The Instant Messaging Demo.

  4. Click the Search tab from within Duncan's Portal Server desktop.

  5. In the Find field, type a key word such as poll or a word from the chat, and click Search.

    The results of the search are displayed. Note that the poll results look like actual final poll results, not extraneous data points. Also, the entire conversation is returned, not just the sentence containing the keyword.