Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Create a Sample Address Book with Data for the Main User

  1. In a web browser, type the URL for Communications Express.


    For example,

  2. Log in as the main user duncan with the password demo.

    You are now logged into Communications Express with the Mail tab selected as the default.

  3. Click the Calendar tab to view the Calendar.

  4. Click the Address Book tab to view the Address Book.

  5. To add contacts, type the contact's information in the Add Contact section.

    1. In the First field, type Robert.

    2. In the Last field, type Smith.

    3. In the Email field, type

    4. Click the Add Contact button.

  6. Repeat step 5 for contacts Kathy Singer and Tina Givens.

    An alternate way to create contacts that enables you to enter more information is through the New Contact icon in the Address Book UI.

  7. Click the New Contact icon.

    A New Contact window appears.

    1. In the First Name field, type Duncan.

    2. In the Last Name field, type Hoff.

    3. In the Primary Email field, type

    4. Type any additional information you choose.

    5. Click Save to create the contact.

  8. Click Log Out to log off as Duncan from Communications Express.

  9. Create more sample data in the next task.