Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

Delegated Administration Demo

In addition to command-line tools and Access Manager, Communications Suite has a graphical user interface called Delegated Administrator, that you can use to provision users, domains, and service packages.

This section walks you through a scenario that uses Delegated Administrator as if you were a service provider hosting email for several small companies. As this service provider, you have just signed an agreement with a new company. You now need to provision the new domain and add the required mail service for that domain. As the administrator for the service provider, you must also create a domain administrator who has access to that specific domain only.

ProcedureTo Create a Domain

In this task, you create a new domain for hosting email and you assign different levels of service to this domain.

  1. Type the following URL of Delegated Administrator in your web browser.


    For example,

  2. Log in as user amadmin with password adminpass.

    The main Delegated Administrator view appears. You are logged in to the root organization and the default domain appears in the organization list.

  3. Click New Organization.

    The New Organization pop-up window appears.

  4. For the Organization name, type, and for Domain Status, select Active and click Next.

  5. Skip the Contact Information screen and click Next.

    The Account Information screen appears.

  6. Type in the Domain field. Click the Default Administrator checkbox to create the default Organization Administrator Account. Type a Login ID and Password for this account, for example admin_demoone with password adminpass. Then click Next.

    The Select Service Packages screen appears.

  7. Because you are interested in only enabling hosted mail, choose Service Packages that only contain mail.

    Several packages are available, depending on the desired mail quota. To display all the packages in a single page, click the icon at the top of the Service Packages table that represents a mapping from multiple pages to one page. This will enable you to show the service package data in a single page. Select the bronze, silver, and platinum check boxes and click Next.

    The Mail Service Details screen appears where you allow the administrator to define disk and attachment quotas for the domain.

  8. For the Preferred Mail Host, type your host name, for example, and click Next.

    The Quantity of Service Packages screen appears.

  9. (Optional) If calendar service packs were chosen, establish calendar session timeouts and other attributes through Calendar Service Details.

    Calendar Server has not been configured for hosted domains, so leave all the fields blank and click Next.

  10. Define the number of Service Packages you would like to assign to this domain.

    Because this is a small company of less than 50 people, assign 30 service packages for each type of service.

    1. Change the number from 1 to 30 for silver, platinum, and bronze service packages and click Next.

      The Summary screen appears. The Organization Administrator is automatically created and a password is generated.

    2. Note that the Organization Administrator is defined as expected.

  11. Click Finish.

    You have created your first domain.

  12. Click the Log Out link to exit Delegated Administrator.

ProcedureTo Create Users

You have just learned to create domains. In this demo, you will log in as the organization administrator and create users.

  1. At the Delegated Administrator Login screen, log in as the domain-level administrator.

    Use the ID and password from the sectionTo Create a Domain, for example, admin_demoone with password adminpass.

  2. To Create users for this company, click the New button.

    The New User pop-up window appears.

    1. Type the following:

      • First Name: Larry

      • Last Name: Brown

      • Display Name: Larry Brown

    2. Click Next.

    3. Skip the Contact Information screen and click Next.

      The Select Service Package screen appears.

    4. Select one of the three packages, for example, bronze. Click Next.

    5. Type the mail service details.

      Instead of accepting the default Email Address, change the email address to and click Next.

    6. (Optional) If you chose a service pack that included calendar service when you originally created your domain, you will see a Calendar Service Details screen.

      If you left all the calendar fields blank when you created the domain, you can leave all the fields blank in this screen also and click Next.

    7. Change the Login ID from Larry_Brown to lbrown. Type the password demo and click Next.

    8. Verify the User Information then click Finish to create the user.

  3. Look in the Delegated Administrator user interface to see that the new user has been added to the domain.

  4. Click the Log Out link to exit Delegated Administrator.

  5. Continue with the next task to verify that the user ID can log in.

ProcedureTo Log in as a Newly Created User

  1. Type the following URL of Communications Express in your web browser. For example,

    For this example, the User Name is and the password is demo.

    You are now logged into Communications Express as Larry Brown.

  2. Send test messages to yourself or to other users, such as duncan, kathy, tina, and robert in the domain.