Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Create Users

You have just learned to create domains. In this demo, you will log in as the organization administrator and create users.

  1. At the Delegated Administrator Login screen, log in as the domain-level administrator.

    Use the ID and password from the sectionTo Create a Domain, for example, admin_demoone with password adminpass.

  2. To Create users for this company, click the New button.

    The New User pop-up window appears.

    1. Type the following:

      • First Name: Larry

      • Last Name: Brown

      • Display Name: Larry Brown

    2. Click Next.

    3. Skip the Contact Information screen and click Next.

      The Select Service Package screen appears.

    4. Select one of the three packages, for example, bronze. Click Next.

    5. Type the mail service details.

      Instead of accepting the default Email Address, change the email address to and click Next.

    6. (Optional) If you chose a service pack that included calendar service when you originally created your domain, you will see a Calendar Service Details screen.

      If you left all the calendar fields blank when you created the domain, you can leave all the fields blank in this screen also and click Next.

    7. Change the Login ID from Larry_Brown to lbrown. Type the password demo and click Next.

    8. Verify the User Information then click Finish to create the user.

  3. Look in the Delegated Administrator user interface to see that the new user has been added to the domain.

  4. Click the Log Out link to exit Delegated Administrator.

  5. Continue with the next task to verify that the user ID can log in.