Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Configuring Logging for Instant Messaging Components Using iim.conf Parameters

If you are not using log4j to generate log files, you need to set a configuration parameter specific to each component for which you want Instant Messaging to generate logging information. This method is referred to as parameter-based logging for Instant Messaging. You can use parameter-based logging for all server instances including redirect servers, multiplexor, calendar-agent, and watchdog.

Note –

This iim.conf parameter-based logging mechanism may be deprecated in a future release. Use log4j when possible.

Table 13–2 provides the name of the log files and the configuration parameter in iim.conf used to set the logging level for each Instant Messaging component log file.

Table 13–2 Log File Names and Logging Level Configuration Parameters for Instant Messaging Components


Log File Name  

Logging Level Configuration Parameter  







Calendar agent 






The configuration parameters can have the following values:

See Instant Messaging Component Logging Levels for information on the details logged for each logging level.

In addition, logging configuration in deployments with Sun JavaTM System Access Manager is determined by the property. You set this property in the file on the Sun Java System Access Manager host. By default, this file is installed in the following location:


Where AM-svr-base is the directory in which you installed Access Manager.

This property can contain the following values:

By default, the Sun Java System Portal Server desktop log file (desktop.debug) and archive log files (IMArchiveSearch.log and IMArchiveSubmit.log) are stored in the following locations:

ProcedureTo Set Log Levels for Instant Messaging Components Using iim.conf Parameters

  1. Modify logging parameters in iim.conf.

    See Table 13–2 for a list of the log files and the associated parameter you need to set for each component.

    See iim.conf File Syntax for instructions on locating and modifying iim.conf. For more information on the watchdog, see Managing the Watchdog Process. For more information on the Calendar agent, see Chapter 16, Using Calendar Pop-up Reminders.