Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide To Specify What Services Can Be Started

By default the following services are started with start-msg:

Connecting to watcher ...
Launching watcher ...
Starting ens server .... 21132
Starting store server .... 21133
checking store server status ... ready
Starting imap server .... 21135
Starting pop server .... 21138
Starting http server .... 21141
Starting sched server .... 21143
Starting dispatcher server .... 21144
Starting job_controller server .... 21146

These can be controlled by enabling or disabling the configutil parameters: service.imap.enable, service.pop.enable, service.http.enable, local.smsgateway.enable, local.snmp.enable, local.imta.enable, local.mmp.enable, local.ens.enable, and local.sched.enable. Note that you need to set both service.imap.enable and service.imap.enablesslport to 0 in order to disable IMAP. The same goes for POP and HTTP. See the configutil Parameters in Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference for details on how these work.