Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

12.10.3 Setting Session Limits

Keywords: disconnectbadcommandlimit, disconnectrecipientlimit, disconnectrejectlimit, disconnecttransactionlimit

Four new channel keywords provide the ability to cause the SMTP server to disconnect from the client after some number of errors have been detected:

disconnectrecipientlimit - Limits the number of session recipients.

disconnectrejectlimit - Limits the number of rejected recipients.

disconnecttransactionlimit - Limits the number of transactions.

disconnectbadcommandlimit - Limits the number of bad commands.

These are all session limits. With the exception of disconnectbadcommandlimit, all of these limits are checked when a MAIL FROM or RSET command is issued. If any of them have been exceeded, the server will issue a 4xy error and disconnect. The bad command limit differs only in being checked when a bad command is issued.