Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

17.4 Vacation Autoreply Attributes

The set of user LDAP directory attributes that the vacation action uses are:

The MTA can chose between multiple LDAP attributes and attribute values with different language tags and determine the correct value to use. The language tags in effect are compared against the preferred language information associated with the envelope from address. Currently the only attributes receiving this treatment are LDAP_AUTOREPLY_SUBJECT (normally mailAutoReplySubject), LDAP_AUTOREPLY_TEXT (normally mailAutoReplyText), LDAP_AUTOREPLY_TEXT_INT (normally mailAutoReplyTextInternal), LDAP_SPARE_4, LDAP_SPARE_5, LDAP_PREFIX_TEXT and LDAP_SUFFIX_TEXT.

It is expected that each attribute value will have a different language tag value. If different values have the same tag value the choice between them will be essentially random.