Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

A.4 Monitoring from an SNMP Client

The base OIDs for RFC 2788 and RFC 2789 are

mib-2.27 =

mib-2.28 =

Point your SNMP client at those two OIDs and access as the “public” SNMP community.

If you wish to load copies of the MIBs into your SNMP client, ASCII copies of the MIBs are located in the msg-svr-base/lib/config-templates directory under the file names rfc2788.mib and rfc2789.mib. For directions on loading those MIBs into your SNMP client software, consult the SNMP client software documentation. The SnmpAdminString data type used in those MIBs may not be recognized by some older SNMP clients. In that case, use the equivalent files rfc2248.mib and rfc2249.mib also found in the same directory.