Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Upgrade Instructions for Messaging Server

If you are upgrading to Messaging Server 6.3 from an earlier release, follow the upgrade instructions in the Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Upgrade Guide.

Checking the /etc/hosts file entry

If you are installing Messaging Server for the first time or upgrading from an earlier version of Messaging Server, ensure that you have the following entry in /etc/hosts file on your Solaris system:

<ip-of system> <FQHN> <hostname>

For Example, budgie

Note –

On Solaris 10 platforms, you not only have to add the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to the /etc/hosts file, but also to the /etc/inet/ipnodes file. Otherwise, you will get an error indicating that your host name is not a Fully Qualified Domain Name.

Increasing ulimit For Files After Upgrade

After upgrading Messaging Server, you must increase the number of file descriptors by setting the ulimit as follows:

ulimit -n number_of_file_descriptors

For example:

ulimit -n 100000

For more information about the upgrade procedure, see Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Upgrade Guide.