Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Problems Fixed in This Release of Instant Messaging

This section describes problems fixed in this Instant Messaging 7.2 release.


(Linux Only) The location for Java is now correctly recorded in redeployApp after upgrade. You no longer need to manually modify the path for Java in /opt/sun/im/html/redeployApp.


Previously, if you configured a proxy, but disabled SSL in iim.conf, you could still log in through the proxy. In addition, the console showed that Instant Messenger was securely logged in when it was not. These errors no longer occur.


After upgrading, in a deployment with Sun Java System Access Manager, where user properties are stored in LDAP, existing multibyte news channel names no longer appear as %-encoded.


Instant Messenger no longer throws an exception if timeouts, for example httpbind.polling, are set too high.


The rdadmin generate command no longer overwrites the existing redirect database redirect.db.

6425667, 6465631

Users with read access are no longer able to attach files in moderated conferences.


Searching for users in another hosted domain from the default domain no longer fails.


In a virtual domain deployment, users can now receive presence information and send messages to contacts in other domains hosted by the same LDAP server.


Online help now displays the correct release number.


In a server pool deployment, single messages are no longer sent multiple times.