Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Known Issues Fixed in This Release of Delegated Administrator

This list describes the issues fixed in Delegated Administrator.


The commadmin domain purge command cannot perform purge operations because Access Manager cannot locate the Delegated Administrator callback class.


The calmaster user entry cannot be edited in the Delegated Administrator console.

6324413, 6239311

The Domain Disk Quota value is lost if you change the Domain status or Mail Service status of a full organization.


If you make the root suffix a domain, Delegated Administrator functions do not work.


When you upgrade from Application Server 7.x (Java ES Release 2) to Application Server 8.x (Java ES Release 4) and then upgrade to Delegated Administrator 6 2005Q4 (Java ES Release 4), Delegated Administrator fails to redeploy to the upgraded Application Server.


When you create a group with no services using the command-line utility (commadmin group create) and then assign a service package to the group in the Delegated Administrator console, you are not prompted to enter any Mail Service details.


The Delegated Administrator console writes icsAllowRights values to the directory that are different than the values documented in the Schema Reference.


Available Languages list in the User Properties page is not described in the Delegated Administrator console online help.


In the localized Delegated Administrator GUI configuration program, config-commda, the default page size may be too small to display all input fields and field labels properly.

6303551, 4931958

When you use commadmin group create to create a group, you can add only one dynamic membership filter (LDAP URL) with the -f option.


For a shared organization, Calendar Service Details do not appear in the Create New Organization wizard; this information is not explained in the online help.


The number of service packages assigned to groups in an organization can exceed the number allocated to that organization.


You cannot create users in a domain that includes an underscore in its name.


Searching for organizations by service name, service package name, and mail host does not work.


You cannot create an organization with a comma in the organization name. (You still cannot put a comma in an organization name because that violates LDAP DN syntax. The former issue was this: you could go through the entire Create Organization wizard with an invalid comma in the organization name. Now you must correct the error immediately.)

6245878, 6203605

If you delete a domain with the commadmin domain delete command, you cannot use commadmin to purge the domain.


You cannot create a domain with a language-tagged welcome message.


The Delegated Administrator configuration program (config-commda) can be slow if a very large number of organizations are deployed in the directory.


The commadmin user modify command fails if you assign both the sunpresenceuser and sunimuser object classes to a user entry.


A newly created user does not inherit the domain’s time zone (TZ).


An error message, “The organization already exists,” is not localized.


New non-ascii organizations cause an error because the default administrator’s email address cannot be specified.


You cannot edit a user’s login ID in this release of Delegated Administrator.