Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Options Issues


User's Sieve Scripts May Stop Working After the Upgrade

This is relevant for sites running JES Messaging Server 6.2p2 or later, upgrading to initial JES Messaging Server 6.3. Users who make any use of date-based filtering via the mail filters from Communications Express.

For Sieve filters, the undocumented, unsupported setdateaction, implemented for JES Messaging Server 6.2p2 (Change Request Number: 6236243), has been removed for JES Messaging Server 6.3. setdate was proposed in early versions of a sieve draft for variables, but then removed from later drafts, and in particular is not present in the latest variables draft, now in final call stage. In place of that now-obsolete approach, the more recently proposed date Sieve extension and in particular its currentdate test has been implemented.

End users are quite unlikely to have attempted to explicitly, knowingly used setdate, given its experimental, quickly obsoleted, undocumented, status.

However, the Communications Express mail filter generator in JES Messaging Server 6.2p2 did use setdate when users requested any filtering of their messages by date. Therefore, many users likely have, without knowing it, personal Sieve filters making use of the now-obsolete setdate action. If users edits their Sieve filter in any way, any such obsolete usages will be corrected to use the newer currentdate approach. But in the meantime, their Sieve filter will be considered syntactically incorrect and generate an error; each message to the user with such an incorrect Sieve filter will simply be delivered without filtering, plus the MTA will send a notification message to the user owning the Sieve filter warning of the syntax problem in his/her Sieve filter.