Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Installation and Upgrade Issues in Connector for Microsoft Outlook


Unauthenticated Shared Drive Path Displays Warning.

For fields requiring a shared drive path, or UNC (Universal Naming Convention) be entered (for example, the shared path to the location for Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard on the Processes Tab of the Deployment Configuration Program), a validation warning is displayed that states the path does not exist if the user is not authenticated for the specified shared drive.

Workaround: The specified shared drive should be accessible by anonymous authentication, allowing anybody to access the shared drive.

6253840, 6254598

Unable to install if Outlook is upgraded.

If a user with a current Connector for Microsoft Outlook profile upgrades the user's current version of Outlook to Outlook XP or Outlook 2003, the existing profile fails to open. Attempting to install a fresh profile also fails.

Workaround: When the Outlook version is upgraded or changed, please uninstall and reinstall Connector for Microsoft Outlook.


New profile cannot be created when number of .pst files reach 100.

The .pst files are located under local file settings\Application Data\Sun\Outlook Connector\SJOC*.pst, where * can be a number from 0 to 99.

Workaround: Some or all of the unused .pst files should be manually deleted in order for the installation to succeed.


Upgrade defaults to previous servers and ports.

When upgrading from the Connector for Microsoft Outlook 6 2004Q2 version to the Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7.2 version, if the server names and port numbers have changed, the upgrade only takes into consideration the old server names and port numbers.

Workaround: None.