Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Calendar Server Compatibility Issues

The following table lists the known incompatibilities between Calendar Server6.3 and earlier versions.




Access Manager now has two install types: Legacy and Realm. 

At installation, you must choose Legacy as the install type on the following panel: 

Access Manager: Administration (1 of 6)

If the wrong Access Manager is installed, you will not be able to run Delegated Administrator. 

The Directory Preparation Tool ( under /opt/SUNWics5 doesn't work. is now in its own package installed in /opt/SUNcomds for Solaris, and /opt/sun/comms/dssetup for Linux

Existing scripts that specify the old path need to be updated. 

To install the package, be sure the Directory Preparation Tool is selected in the appropriate installer panel. 

The configuration program for the Delegated Administrator has changed.  

Install Delegated Administrator and run the configuration program. The current program is located at: for Solaris, /opt/SUNWcomm/sbin/config-commda

for Linux /opt/sun/comms/config-commda

Upgrade to the new Delegated Administrator when installing this version of Calendar Server. 

This release of Communications Express is incompatible with the previous version of Calendar Server. 

If you upgrade Communications Express, you must also upgrade Calendar Server. 

This also applies to Messaging Server. 

Due to a change in the way packaging is done, Calendar Express must do string substitution at runtime. 

Significant Performance Degradation 

Call technical support to receive a script you can run before starting Calendar Server operations. The script performs all the required string substitutions. 

Calendar Express is deprecated and will not be included in a future release of Calendar Server. This problem will not be fixed. 

Due to a program code change in SSL processing, the following parameter no longer works: 


Scripts and configuration files still using the old parameter to point to the SSL directory will not work. SSL is not enabled. 

A new parameter was added to the ics.conf file:

local.ssldbpath = "/etc/opt/SUNWics5/config"

Password to certificate database is no longer held in ics.conf parameter:

service.http.ssl. certdb.password

SSL password can't be found. Error message: 

General Error: http_ssl_init(): SSL initialization failed.

Password to certificate database is now found in the following file located in the config directory:


Format of password is: 

Internal (Software) Token:password

Non-domain environments no longer allowed. 

Scripts that modify LDAP entries must now include a default domain.  

When Calendar Server is installed and configured, it runs a silent conversion program on all LDAP entries to add the default domain you specified. 

Requests that come in (WCAP commands) without the domain will be automatically assumed to be for the default domain. 

But any scripts you run that directly modify LDAP entries must include the new default domain. 

The service.admin.calmaster.userid and service.admin.calmaster.cred parameters in the ics.conf file are not used anymore.

You cannot set the Calendar user preferences and credentials using these old parameters. 

The service.admin.calmaster.userid parameter is changed to service.siteadmin.userid and service.admin.calmaster.cred parameter is changed to service.siteadmin.cred. In case of an upgrade these parameters are migrated by the patch scripts.

Windows and HP-UX versions of Calendar Server are no longer available. 

The only operating system platforms supported by server-side Calendar Server software are Solaris and Linux. 

This does not effect client-side software, such as the Connector for Microsoft Outlook. See the individual client component Release Notes for a list of supported operating systems.