Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

csstored Now a Required Process in Calendar Server 6.3

The csstored daemon now manages the various Calendar Server databases. Because each service that accesses the store depends on the successful start of this store service, it should remain running on all servers, both front-end and back-end, whenever the Calendar Server system is running. The regular start-up and shut-down commands, start-cal and stop-cal, start and stop csstored along with the other daemons.

In earlier versions, if you were not configuring automatic backups, you did not need to run the PERL script, The script could be started and stopped at will. The PERL script has been discontinued in favor of the csstored daemon. It is no longer optional to run this daemon, whether you decide to configure automatic backups or not.

Previously, you could disable the script from running by setting the ics.conf parameter to "no". However, now, csstored must always be enabled, with set to "yes", which is the default.