Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Performance Regression for Deprecated User Interface

In this version, string substitution in XSL files is no longer being done in a preprocessing step of packaging. Therefore, the strings are substituted in real time, which degrades performance for the Calendar Express user interface.

Workaround: You can perform the string substitution before running Calendar Server by processing all of the XSL files and manually inserting the correct language strings. To perform the substitution, you need to add the perl script ( ) that can be found in the { CAL_SERVER_BASE}/tools/unsupported/bin directory. Instructions to run the script are provided in the script itself.

    For your convenience, the instructions provided in the script are as follows:

  1. Use the perl script to substitute variables in the XSL files to speed up XSL rendering.

  2. Copy this file to the /opt/SUNWics5/cal/html directory, which is default on Solaris.

  3. And then run it as $ perl

  4. The resulting files are put under an out directory in each locale.

  5. Replace the XSL files in each locale by the files in the out directory.

    Note –

    It is recommended that you save the original files before doing this substitution.

This issue is the same as described in problem number 6385495 in Reported Problems in Calendar Server 6.3 .