Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Instant Messaging Configure Issues

6400572, 6431614

Command-line help for configure utility is incorrect

You must preface whole-word options with two hyphens when using the configure utility. For example, configure --nodisplay will work while configure –nodisplay will not. The command line help for the configure utility incorrectly states that you only need to use a single hyphen.


Configuration of multiplexor appears to fail due to an incorrect LDAP connection.

If you are installing an instance that will be only a multiplexor, and you select the option that stores user properties in LDAP, you will receive an error when you run configure stating that configuration failed.

Workaround: Do not choose to store user properties in LDAP if you are only installing a multiplexor.


Configure shows options for configuring the Access Manager SDK even if it is not installed.

After successful installation of Instant Messaging without Access Manager SDK, the “User Management Options” panel incorrectly allows you to choose settings for using Access Manager for SSO and policy.

Workaround: None.